HIS 312-01 African History Since 1875 Spring 2004

Instructor: Jim Jones
Email: jjones@wcupa.edu; Telephone: 610-436-2168
Office: 519 Main Hall
Office hours: MWF 11am-noon, MW 2-3pm

OBJECTIVES: This course covers the history of Africa during the colonial period and since independence. By the time we finish, you will be familiar with the geography, political events, economic conditions and consequences of colonialism on Africa.

RESPONSIBILITY: Professor Jones must deliver interesting lectures, maintain regular office hours, write fair examinations and provide written feedback. Students must read assignments before coming to class, participate in class discussion, and pass three examinations plus a map test.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: The University's attendance policy permits you to miss up to 9 classes without penalty. Your final grade will drop by a full letter grade for each absence over 9 (i.e. 10 absences will reduce your final grade by one whole letter). If you miss an exam, you may make it up at the end of the semester ONLY if you present a valid written excuse: i.e. a medical excuse on appropriate stationary, a police report of an incident in which you were personally involved, or a funeral notice for a member of your immediate family. If you need to reschedule an exam because it conflicts with a university-sanctioned event, you must present a letter to me in advance from the faculty member or administrator responsible for the event.

GRADES: Your grade will be based on your performance on the following assignments. First essay examination (20%), second essay examination (30%), third essay examination (30%), map test (10%), and class participation (10%). Perfect attendance will improve a borderline final grade.

NOTICE: We at West Chester University comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 by making accommodations for persons with disabilities. Please make your needs known by contacting the professor and/or the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at ext. 3217. Sufficient notice is needed in order to make the accommodations possible.


Final syllabus will be available in early January
Week Topic Assignment
Jan. 12-16 Introduction and Precolonial Africa Davidson, 3-4
Jan. 19 Martin Luther King Day (no class)  
Jan. 21-23 19th century Europe and Africa;
the Occupation of Egypt
Jan. 26-30 West Africa TBA
Feb. 2-6 East & South Africa TBA
Feb. 9-13 Central Africa and Fashoda Hochschild, 1-337
Feb. 18-20 From the First World War to the 1920s Davidson, 5-43
Feb. 23-27 Africa in the 1930s Davidson, 47-60
Mar. 1-5 Spring Break (no class)  
Mar. 8-12 Africa and the Second World War
MAP TEST on Monday
Davidson, 61-79
Mar. 15-19 The beginning of the end of colonialism Davidson, 80-93
Mar. 22-26 Decolonization of Africa Davidson, 98-109
Mar. 31-Apr. 2 Various routes to Independence Davidson, 110-177
Apr. 5-9 Politics in independent Africa Davidson, 196-217 & 246-259
Apr. 12-16 Economics in independent Africa Davidson, 218-245
Apr. 19-23 Society, religion and modernity Allouache, 1-132
Apr. 26 Semester review  
Final syllabus will be available in early January