HIS311 logo African History to 1875
Fall 2006

What's New?

11/19/2006: Added 4th exam date to the syllabus (Fri. 12/15 at 1:00pm)

Instructor: Jim Jones
Email: jjones@wcupa.edu; Telephone: 610-436-2168
Office: 519 Main Hall
Office hours: Mon. 12-1:00pm, Wed-Fri. 11-1:00pm

OBJECTIVES: This course examines the complexity of African history and how it was shaped by geography, human development and international relations. In the process, it helps students to demonstrate the following learning outcomes: 1) a knowledge of historical eras, change over time, and key historical concepts in global history; 2) effective communication of history in a formal written assignments and structured classroom discussions using reasoned arguments supported by historical evidence, allowing for multiple causes, effects, and perspectives; and 3) an analytical appreciation of diverse perspectives. Successful students should be able to make connections between their new historical knowledge and contemporary life and issues in a heterogeneous, global society.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The professor must deliver interesting lectures or facilitate meaningful discussion, maintain regular office hours, write fair examinations and provide written feedback. Students must read assignments before coming to class, participate in class discussion and pass four examinations.

GRADES First exam, 20% Second exam (map), 20% Third exam, 20% Fourth exam, 20%
  Class participation, 20%       (Perfect attendance will improve a borderline final grade.)

TEXTBOOK: Toyin Falola, editor, Africa, vol. 1. African History Before 1885 (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2000 & 2003). ISBN 0-89089-768-9. Other materials (including study aids) are available at http://courses.wcupa.edu/jones/his311.htm

Make sure to read the COURSE POLICIES on:
Attendance Cheating/Plagiarism Disabilities Discrimination Substance Use/Abuse

Week Date Topic Reading Assignment
1 Aug. 28 - Sep. 1 The Geography of Africa Falola, 23-49
2 Sep. 4
Sep. 6-8
The Nile Valley
Falola, 73-108
3 Sep. 11-15 Bantu Culture and Migration Falola, 113-136
4 Sep. 18
Sep. 20
Sep. 22
FIRST EXAM (Ancient Africa)
West African Kingdoms
Falola, 137-157
5 Sep. 25-29 More West African Kingdoms Falola, 161-188
6 Oct. 2-6 East Africa Falola, 191-206
7 Oct. 9-13 Central Africa Falola, 207-229
8 Oct. 16
Oct. 18
Oct. 20
Fall Break (no class)
8 Oct. 23 - 27 Ethiopia Falola, 231-242
Friday Oct. 27 is the last day to drop a class or to complete work from the previous semester.
9 Oct. 30 - Nov. 3 North Africa 243-273
10 Nov. 6
Mov. 8
Nov. 10
Acephalous Societies
THIRD EXAM (African States)
Falola, 275-293
11 Nov. 13-17 The Transatlantic Slave Trade Falola, 389-411  
12 Nov. 20
Nov. 22-24
Islam in East Africa
Falola, 321-334
13 Nov. 27 - Dec. 1 Islamic Reform & West Africa's Jihads Falola, 299-319;
Rules for Leaders & Reformers;
Usuman dan Fodio & Umar Tall
14 Dec. 4-8 The Zulu Mfecane Falola, 359-383
15 Dec. 11
Dec. 15
Review for last exam
FOURTH EXAM (Early Modern Africa)
Friday, 10:30am-12:30pm

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