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Review Materials for Third Exam


The last exam is structured in the same way as our two earlier essay exams -- you get to choose one of two questions, each of which is designed to make you describe the relationship(s) between two or more topics. These two images show the most essential information (plus one small joke) that I intended to present at the review.


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To help you prepare, here are some sample questions on which to practice:

  1. How did the end of the trans-Atlantic slave trade affect the role of Islam in East and West Africa?
  2. The Zulu Mfecane and the Sokoto jihad both produced results that extended far beyond their points of origin. Identify the effects of each movement, explain how far their effects spread, and explain what enabled their effects to spread.
  3. The 18th and 19th century were a period of growing tension between the peoples of Europe and Africa. Discuss the causes of this tension and the changes that it produced in African societies.

Unless there is another "weather incident" your exam will take place as scheduled on Wednesday, Dec. 11 at 1-3pm). I will arrive at my office that morning by 11am. Stop by if you have any last minute questions.

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