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Various documents concerning work on the Chemin de Fer de Thiès à Kayes (1913)
in AOF Series O 67

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"Rapport sur les Résultants Généraux de l'Exploitation pendant le 3ième Trimestre 1912" (Thiès, December 28, 1912)

(p1) This 21-page report mentions that the rainy season causes a suspension of construction activity while the Africans go home to plant their fields.

(p9) An average of 99 African workers were employed by the railroad at tasks other than construction. They were employed as telegraph operators, switchmen, freight conductors and at other jobs. They were classified as "auxilliaires."

"Rapport sur les travaux executes pendant le 4ième trimestre 1912" (Thiès, May 30, 1913)

(p5) As of October 1, 1912, the rails were completed as far as kilometer 315.360. They reached the end of the second section of construction (kilometer 340) by December 1. During this period, the railroad employed an average of 115 workers for track-laying.

"Rapport Annuel Construction, Année 1912"

(p1) As of January 1, 1913, the railroad surveys were completed to kilometer 396, brush removal was finished to kilometer 266, grading was complete to kilometer 254, bridges and culverts were completed as far as kilometer 260, and the track was laid to kilomter 249.

Track ballast was complete to kilometer 164, on the section between kilometers 175.8 to 187, on three kilometers of the branch line to Kaolack, and on sidings at several railroad stations.

The telegraph line was complete to kilometer 134, and a provisional telegraph line was complete between Guinguinéo and Kaolack.

All of the railroad stations were finished as far as Kaffrine. Others were under construction, including Kaolack.