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Convention passée entre le Gouvernement du Soudan Français par l'intermédiaire du Général Lieutenant Gouverneur et les chefs des Sofas, prisonniers de guerre travaillant sur les chantiers du chemin de fer de Kayes Bamako (applicable partir du 23 Janvier 1899)

(p1) This is a treaty between the French and African war prisoners who were put to work on railroad construction. It says that the Sofas (soldiers), instead of being treated like prisoners of war, were privileged to work for the French and receive rations, lodging and wages.

Article 1: The Sofas are not captives, nor are their wives or children.

(p2) Article 2: The Sofas are required to live wherever they are assigned by "le Capitaine Chef de Service des Travaux Neufs."

Article 4 mentions the possibility of punishment as prisoners of war for infractions

Article 5 prescribes the death penalty for desertion.

Article 6 makes the treaty effective 7 days after the Lt. Governor signs it.

Article 7 provides for four copies of the treaty to be sent to each of the two parties, the director of the railroad, and the national archives.

(p3) An additional paragraph permits the director of the railroad to make copies of thee treaty and post them wherever he feels necessary. They should be printed in French and Bambara, and carry the date the convention becomes effective.

Fait a Solinta 4 Janvier 1899. Signed: Trentinian