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Recruitment plans for forced labor (1936)
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Gouverneur du Soudan Français to Commandants des Cercles, telegram-letter n°8637AP (Koulouba, November 29, 1935)

The governor informed the various commandants about the colony's recruitment needs for 1936, and how many workers each was expected to provide:

Lt. Gouverneur du Soudan Français to Commandants des Cercles, Circulaire n°127/BM (Koulouba, November 30, 1935)

The governor outlined his plan for forced labor recruitment for the following year. There was a need for specialists for the Compagnie des Sapeurs Indigènes, Escadrille d'Aviation de Thiès, and the Escadrille d'Aviation de Bamako. Men for the first two groups were drawn from the Cercle de Bamako, but men for the Escadrille d'Aviation de Bamako had to be drawn from the Cercle de Ségou.

Only 120 voluntary enlistments (for 4 years) were to be accepted in 1936. Preference was given to men who had no criminal record, a good reference from their chef de canton, and either knew French or knew one of the following trades: mason, blacksmith, carpenter, tailor, ropemaker, butcher, baker, mechanic or cook.

French officials were to be on the outlook for ancien tirailleurs who fraudulently passed themselves off as new recruits, and for chief's sons, so that they could be appointed as officers.

This table shows how recruitment occured in different cercles:

Cercle # men called Volunteers Labor assignment
Bafoulabé 62 12 1st Régiment des
Tirailleurs Sénégalaises
Bamako 215 20 7th RTS
Bamako 3 2 Génie Bamako
Bamako 8 7 Aviation Thiès
Bougouni 135 7 1st RTS
Kayes 49 4 1st RTS
Kita 13 0 1st RTS
Koutiala 118 7 1st RTS
Macina 64 2 2nd RTS
Mopti 156 0 1st RTS
Mopti 120 20 7th RTS
Nara 61 1 2nd RTS
Niafunké 68 3 2nd RTS
Nioro 6 0 1st RTS
Nioro 92 5 2nd RTS
Ouahigouya 202 10 2nd RTS
San 40 4 2nd RTS
San 70 0 7th RTS
Ségou 104 20 7th RTS
Ségou 6 6 Aviation Bamako
Sikasso 148 0 2nd RTS
Tougan 154 5 2nd RTS
Gao 19 0 2nd RTS
Goundam 45 0 2nd RTS
Gourma Rharous 6 0 2nd RTS
Tombouctou 25 0 2nd RTS

Chef de Service Temporaire des Travaux d'Irrigation du Niger Figaret to Lt. Gouverneur du Soudan Français, letter n°3873G (Markala, December 4, 1935)

This letter contains the plan for returning STIN workers to their home cercles after their two year (1934-36) service was finished. 565 workers traveled by river to Mopti, Macina, Bandiagara and points northeastward as far as Gao. 135 workers walked to Bamako and took the train back to Kita, Bafoulabé and Kayes. 1,263 returned on foot to Bougouni, Nara, Dioïla, Ségou, Koutiala, San, Ouahigouya and Tougan.

Gouverneur du Soudan Français to Commandants des Cercles, telegram-letter n° 9288AP (Koulouba, December 20, 1935)

This is the plan for assembling recruits for STIN at Markala. Recruits received 1250 grams of millet or 600 grams of rice, 300 grams of meat and 20 grams of salt for each day on the road. Local villages provided this food, to be reimbursed from the Budget Local and eventually from STIN. Recruits could bring their wives as long as the ratio of men to women did not go below 20:1; women would serve as cooks. Men from Bafoulabé and Satadougou went to Mahina to get the train. Men from Bougouni, Sikasso and Dioïla went to Bamako or Kati. Men from Bandiagara and Ouahigouya went to Mopti; Ouahigouya men could also go via Tougan and San to Ségou, as did men from Koutiala. Men from Nara, Yélimamé and Nioro went to Kayes.

Signed by Éboué, Secretaire General pour le Gouverneur absent.