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Rapport du Commandant Joffre, Directeur du Service
de Chemin de Fer (Kayes, May 26, 1893)
in ANM K 11 fonds anciens

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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(p31) In the section entitled "Exploitation" (Operations), passenger traffic continued to increase while freight traffic was variable. Inbound freight consisted largely of "conserves" (canned food), liquids shipped by merchants, or merchandise bound from St. Louis to Mediné. Outbound freight included some millet, but especially peanuts from Sabouciré and Dinguira headed for Mediné. Of the 80 tons of peanuts that were exported by rail, 20 tons came from Sabouciré.

(p32) Railroad operations were expected to stop from June 15, 1893 to November 1, 1893 because of the rainy season.

(p32) On a different topic, there was a theft at the railroad station at Mediné. Cloth (guinée) belonging to Ahmet Gueye was taken, and he was reimbursed 92 francs by the railroad.

(End) This report includes a 3-color large map (1:100,000) prepared by Joffre, Calmel and Fillanneau, dated May 26, 1893. It shows the projected route of the railroad from Kita to Toulimandio (beyond Bamako). The projected route differs from the actual route in the area between Kati and Dokonabougou (east of Bamako). In this map, the projected route descends the plateau from Kati to the Niger along the Bakoni Creek and includes a short spur west to Bamako.