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Chambre de Commerce de Kayes, "Procès Verbal de la Réunion du 19 August 1939"
in ANM 2 K 395 fonds nouveaux, tome I

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This is the report of a meeting in Kayes to discuss business conditions.

(p2) There was competition from Spanish salt shipped via river to Kayes, and a proposal to create special railroad tariffs to favor salt from Sine-Saloum (Senegal coast). Despite the added cost of transportation and customs duties, Spanish salt was cheaper and of higher quality than salt from Sine-Saloum. The Chambre de Commerce opposed special rates to protect Senegalese salt production, and instead suggested that Sine- Saloum improve its quality and lower its prices.

(p3) The railroad had already offered a 10% reduction on cattle shipments from Kayes in 5-boxcar loads, but the Chambre de Commerce didn't think the Kayes market was big enough to ship that many cattle at once. They asked for the reduction on single boxcar loads.

(p4) The cheminots had asked for an across-the-board reduction in consumer prices of 10%. The Chambre de Commerce thought this was impossible since their profit margin was less than 10% in many cases. They offered some examples of prices, such as wine for 2.75 francs/liter, sugar for 2.50 francs/kilogram, and bread for 1.35 francs/kilogram. When the Senegal River began to rise (in the near future), and ships began to arrive at Kayes, prices would drop.

(p5) The Chambre de Commerce protested the abrupt introduction of the new customs tarif by the Decrèt du 25 Juin 1935.

(p6-12) This section was entitled "État des produits transportés par le chemin de fer pendant le 2ième trimestre 1935" and gives information for 29 railroad stations and 23 commodities. This table contains an extract of this section that lists the goods carried on the railroad and shows that amounts that moved in and out of Koulikoro.

Item From Koulikoro to other railroad stations From Koulikoro to the coast Total delivered by rail to all stations Total delivered by rail to the coast
Peanuts 100 257,850 57,170 1,164,820
Cleaned cotton 70 59940 6,670 112,170
Gum arabic n/a 31530 990 463,530
Sisal 290 1,311,720 19,280 643,880
Cotton seed 11,050 n/a 11,050 n/a
Wax 80 n/a 230 13,660
Animal skins 15,970 18,000 17,130 154,240
Wool 1,600 90,270 1,600 100,870
Kapock 61,080 147,900 73,600 184,550
Karité nuts n/a 27,020 n/a 27,020
Karité butter 36,050 118,750 64,140 186,200
Shelled peeanuts 240 1,699,710 16,790 3,209,650
Desert salt 0 n/a 337,290 n/a
Millet 141,290 n/a 410,870 1,470
Rice 787,440 n/a 1,269,840 15,000
Pepper n/a n/a 2,070 n/a
Tobacco 310 4,100 6,880 15,860
Indigo n/a n/a 12,960 n/a
Mats 3,040 n/a 3,350 n/a
Cola nuts n/a n/a 159,370 n/a
Fish 33,060 400 39,420 12,630
Livestock n/a n/a 3 994
Other (materiaux et divers) 437,080 23,910 603,760 34,810

(p11) This page contains a list entitled "État des importations et exportations effectuées par le Bureau de Douances à Kayes pendant la 2ième trimestre. Importations" which provides details about the goods that were imported to Kayes from Europe. The following table summarizes the data.

Item Quantity Local value in francs
Wheat flour 97,200 kilograms 63,180
Sea buscuits 170 kilograms 324
Rice 1,128 kilograms 1,076
Refined sugar 84,950 kilograms 91,202
Tea 1,964 kilograms 22,136
Cigarettes 409 kilograms 11,556
Other tobacco products 23 kilograms 808
Construction lumber 4,506 kilograms 1,802
Wine in barrels 16,546 liters 41,778
vins de liqueurs 425 liters 5,704
Beer 5,654 liters 14,146
Carbonated drinks 1,440 liters 3,782
Spirits (eau de vie) 13 liters 676
Liquor (liqueurs) 497 liters 7,156
Mineral water 849 liters 3,124
Cement 37,590 kilograms 6,390
Petroleum 6,025 kilograms 5,200
Gasoline and other refined fuel (essence) 31,621 kilograms 35,400
Heavy oils 6,286 kilograms 7,489
Iron 7,462 kilograms 5,223
Corrugated metal sheets 2,400 kilograms 3,428
Sea salt 52,362 kilograms 5,873
Desert salt 8,000 kilograms 800
Matches 71,800 boxes 3,322

This report also lists other imported products including various types of cotton threads, cloth, metal objects, a truck (camion-auto), tires and tubes, and "other."