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R. de Livry, Commerçant à Bamako (1931-1934)
in ANM 1 Q 284 fonds recents

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This file contains letters concerning a request by Robert de Livry to open a cafe and swimming pool at the second waterfall on the Farako Creek (between Bamako and Kati) in 1931. The Usine Larrieu was upstream at the first waterfall (Larrieu was a mechanic in Bamamo in 1927).

The "Extrait du Cahier Judiciaire" of September 8, 1931 gave Robert de Livry's birthdate as November 4, 19064 in Nice. He was the son of Georges Marie and Anderson Marie. He had no police record.

A "Certificate de Visite" signed October 9, 1931 by Henri Peyre, Chef du Service des Travaux Publics, said that the construction work on de Livry's restaurant was safe. On October 10, 1941, de Livry an authorization to open for business. In 1934, he got permission to construct and open a public swimming pool.