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Dossier 14: Services Publics, maintien de l'ordre, incident 1948-55
in ANFOM Affaires Politiques, Carton 2197

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Direction des Affaires Politques, 2ième bureau, Note pour M. le Ministre (no date [1950])

This note refers to an incident that took place on December 24, 1949 when an army truck hit two tree branches on the Avenue Van Vollenhoven in the "territoires mixte" of Bamako. On November 21, 1950, the mixed community was required by the mayor of Bamako to pay for damages without having any opportunity to provide a defense.

Haut-Commissaire, Gouverneur- Général de l'AOF to Ministre de FOM,
n°438 (Paris, April 17, 1952)

This note refers to fighting that took place in the region of Bandiagara between inhabitants of the villages of Tiguila and Hombori. The fighting produced wounded and dead.

Haut-Commissaire, Gouverneur-Général de l'AOF to Ministre FOM,
n°1038 (Paris, August 19, 1954)

A battle took place in the Sahara on July 15, 1954 between French Goummiers and the armed band of Allah Ag El Bechir, who was killed during the fight.


There are reports about other incidents that took place in Dogon country (around Bandiagara) and in the far north around Gao and Bourem.