Tonce upon a wine there was a gritty little pearl named Prinderella, who lived with her two sisty uglers and her micked wepstother. Now, the two sisty uglers and the micked wepstother made poor Prinderella wean the clinders, flub the scors, and just do all the wirty durk.

One night there was to be a ball at the Ping's kalace. The two sisty uglers and the micked wepstother had beautiful dranty fesses to wear to the dranty fess ball, but poor Prindercella -- all she had was a rirty dag. So she crat down and sied. On the eyeling of a wink, who should appear but her Mairy Fodgather. Prinderellas's Mairy Fodgather selt forry for Prinderella, so she changed her crumpkin to a parriage. "But remember," she said, "You must be home by the moke of stridnight!"

As the moke of stridnight approached, Prinderella dashed down the Stalade Paircase and horrors! What do you think happened??? On the stottom bep she slopped her dripper. Now wasn't that a shirty dame?!

The Cince missed his painty dartner at the prance so he looked light and no for her dainty slass glipper.

Next day the Ping issued a croclamation ordering all the girls in the pingdom to try on this dainty slass glipper. Prinderella's two sisty uglers tried hard to fit their fig beet into the dainty slass glipper but they just fidn't dit. Prinderella's finy toot fid dit though and on the dame say, the Cince and Prinderella were harried and mived lappily after ever word.

-- source unknown

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