Miscellaneous Assignment Notes

If you fail to take an exam or hand in a paper on the intended day you will lose 5 points for each late day. If you do not make arrangements for a late submission in advance of the due date you will receive an "F" for the assignment.

Grading: The three exams and two research papers are of equal weight and equal five (5) full exam grades. The project reports, quality points and the evaluation of department paper together equal two (2) full exam grades. At the end of the semester, you may add the seven (7) full exam grades and divide by seven. This will be your final mark.

Absences: If you miss more than three (3) classes, I will subtract two (2) points from your final AVERAGE for every additional class missed. Keep this in mind early in the semester. If you miss three days early in the semester for unimportant reasons and later you become ill or must attend an important family function, you will have a problem. I promise that I will never ask you to give me an excuse for being absent from class if you never ask me to change my grading policy. If you are more than 15 minutes late for class you are considered absent. It is the studentís responsibility to make sure a late (less than 15 minutes) arrival is recorded or if s/he has switched sections for a class period.

Improving your final grade:

I do not give extra credit for "participating in class." I absolutely expect that of you as an adult and a member of this academic community. THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR GRADE.

1) Redo's: You are invited to redo assignments in order to improve your grade. The redo must be completed before the next similar assignment is due. Your final recorded grade for the assignment will be the average of the first and second submissions. I am also willing to informally review assignments before they are submitted either for first or second gradings.

2) Arguing a test question: One of the first things I teach in my classes is that communication is never perfect. If I grade incorrect an answer on an objective test when you believe your answer is correct based on your understanding of the question, you may argue your position to me IN WRITING. I will read your argument with an open mind and, if I am convinced, I will give you credit for the answer. I do have the final word in this matter. Arguments must be submitted before the next examination is given.

My grading is as follows:

A+ 98 - 100 C+ 77 - 79
A 93 - 97 C73 - 76
A- 90 - 92 C- 70 - 72
B+ 87 - 89 D+ 67 - 69
B 83 - 86 D 63 - 66
B- 80 - 82 D- 60 - 62
Below 60 F

I look forward to learning more about you in the coming weeks and hope that you find this class a meaningful experience.


Organizational Communication Daily Schedule