Adrian Smith

12 Robin Drive

Philadelphia, PA 19383


August 1, 1998


D.A. Shiverson


Dartly Department Store

123 Dartly Drive

Philadelphia, PA 19211


Dear Ms. Shiverson:

Three days ago I purchased a pair of blue "Trade Winds" sunglasses (style # 22334) from your department store. I happily wore them for three days and this morning found that one of the screws had worked its way out of the frame. While the glasses are still wearable, I paid $65 for them and don't feel that I should have to walk around in a brand new pair of damaged sunglasses.

 I have always loved your store and the quality of products you sell, so I was surprised that the sunglasses I bought were so poorly made. Since I bought the sunglasses on my way to the Bahamas, I could not come into the store in person. I am, however sending the sunglasses along with my store receipt and this letter. I look forward to your prompt response. I will be back home at the end of the month.

 Thank you for your attention to this matter.



Adrian Smith



(Note: I am not sure why I am getting the double spacing in the top sections- The address lines are single spaced.)