In presenting the assignment you will need to 1) open the paper in an interesting and relevant manner, 2) recap the relevant findings of your literature review or section of the text, 3) identify what organizational situation you plan to analyze, 4) apply the major themes identified from the literature review or text to your organizational situation, 5) develop full and clear discussion of each issue, 6) summarize the degree to which your literature review or text materials reinforce or negate what you found in your organizational experience, 7) tell what we can learn from this project and 8) close in a relevant and engaging manner.

Your paper will be graded based upon: 1) meeting the basic terms of this assignment including the initial ground rules established early in the semester, 2) your use of strong and appropriate examples to help you make your points, 3) the clarity, cohesiveness and reasonableness of the arguments forwarded, 4) insights provided.

Two words of warning: 1) Remember, this is an ANALYSIS PAPER, not simply a way to find examples of terms drawn from the literature review or text. Let your organizational situation "drive" your paper and try to develop a whole, integrated statement and 2) treat all communicators involved in your analysis as if they are sane an behaving for their own good reasons. Examining communicators with the assumption that they are crazy or irrational rarely leads to good insights.

Good luck with the project. It can really be fun. Feel free to see me with questions.

Anita F.