WRT 120: Effective Writing I

Fall 2005
Dr. Fletcher

Assignment # 4: The Website


Your last major writing assignment is to create an effective website, either 1) by revising one of your first three papers or 2) by composing one frome scratch.  Available here are the requirements for what the site must include.  I have also provided a page on how your website will be evaluated.  You must submit a proposal or plan for the site (grade reduction for failure to do so).  And, finally, here are project timelines for Section 05 (MWF 12) and for Section 80 (M 4:15) to help keep you on schedule.

  To Revise a Paper or Start from Scratch?

Advice on Creating Webpages

Although we'll be going over design issues for websites in class, there's no such thing as too much good advice.  Therefore, below I've provided links to some short articles on different aspects of website writing, all found online at the alertbox site.  The first link discusses the pressing need for good writing on the WWW.