Amy Tan's

The Hundred Secret Senses

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Study Questions (these assume you have only read through the relevant chapters in the novel):
Chapters 1 and 2
Chapters 3-5
Chapters 6-9
Chapters 10-15
Chapters 16-24
Conventions of the Novel and Magic Realism

Historical Context:

The Hakka
The Qing (Ching) Dynasty
The Taiping Rebellion
A Historical Model for General Cape: Frederick Townsend Ward
(all reproduced from 1995 Grolier Encyclopedia)

External Sites:

The New York Times Featured Author Page on Amy Tan

The Interview with Tan:  "The Secret Within"

Historical Context

Comparison of Imperial China to the Western and Ottoman Worlds
Commissioner Lin Cixu [Lin Tse-hsu]: Letter to Queen Victoria 1839
(from The Internet East Asian History SourceBook)
The People of Canton: Against the English, 1842
Most Important:  The Taiping Rebellion
(from The Modern History SourceBook at Fordham)