Lit 400: Directions for Group Projects

Your group project for this course will be a major part of your grade and hopefully also one of the fun things about the class. You will gather materials for and create a "web" about some Victorian text(s) (short prose or poetry). I have provided some links to student web projects created for other courses. I have also given you a model for what you will be doing in the "Amours de Voyage" Web, which I distributed in class. You are limited only by your research into your text, your acquirement of HTML skills, your negotiation of copyright issues, and my limited ability to assist you (with such things as graphics, design, etc.). Oh, and by the boundaries of your own imagination!! I encourage you to come up with inventive and challenging ways to present your material, but do remember that the content of your pages will be most important in my evaluation of the project. What the WWW needs is more substance to go along with all the bells and whistles!!

I will require you to fulfill several steps for this project. Omission of any of these requirements will result in a lower grade for the project (and each group member).

Go to Project Requirements.

Go to the Timeline for Completing the Project.

Go to Guidelines for Working in a Group.

At the website of Laura Mandell (Miama University of Ohio) you'll find her directions for Making a Web Page (NOTE: not all of her directions will apply to you; for instance, you will not be able to post your page to the web yourself).

In class over the next few weeks, I will go over the basics of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

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