Lit 165/168: Participation Grade

The purpose of this page is to articulate the standards for oral participation at the beginning of the semester. At the end of the semester, I will ask you to print this page out, fill it out, and hand it in.

A -----I was attentive during every class and came to class fully prepared to participate in class activities; I made substantial contributions each class period and participated enthusiastically in all group work. I went "above and beyond" to add to the atmosphere of the class by being friendly, supportive, and encouraging to my peers and instructor.

B -----I came prepared to almost every class; I was on time and attentive almost every class; my contributions were frequent; I participated with good will in most group work; I added to the atmosphere of the class by being friendly and courteous to my peers and instructor.

C -----My effort was average; I was sometimes late; I could have added more to the class; I was frequently not fully prepared for class activities; I did not participate in discussions or group work with any enthusiasm. I came to class with an indifferent attitude that did not help create a positive learning environment.

D -----I often came to class unprepared; I was frequently late; I rarely added anything to discussions; I did not do my fair share of group work; I did not pay attention to class discussions or activities.

F -----I worked against the common welfare of the class by not participating, or by disrupting or dominating, or by failing to do assigned work and so hindering group activities. I missed more than three classes without a legitimate reason.

I deserve _______.

In one well-written paragraph, defend your rating with specifics. (My grade, alas, is the one that counts.)

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