MLA Style Exercises

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Directions: For the exercises below, you may refer to your MLA Style Manual, but try, at first, to do as much as possible from memory. After doing as many as possible, confirm your answers in the manual and then cite the appropriate section number in the text window after your answer.

1. Imagine you are citing the MLA Style Manual in a research paper on scholarly writing and provide a bibliographic entry (MLA-style "Works Cited") for it below.

2. Do the same for the Baron essay in Introduction to Scholarship.  Be sure to provide all the information required.

3. Do the same for Gibaldi's preface to the book.

4. Provide a proper citation for a journal article.  Use an article from the journal you are reporting on.

5. Provide as complete a citation as possible for the Conlon e-text you read for this week.

6. How does one use a parenthetical reference to cite a classic prose work?


B. Document where in the MLA Style Manual you found your answer:

7. How does one cite in the text a work by a corporate author?  Provide an example.

8. Turn your "Works Cited" entry for the MLA Style Manual (#1 above) into a first endnote reference for a paper done in "Documentation Note" style (also known as "Chicago Style"). (You  are citing something about the conventional distinction between factual and critical articles.)

9. Using parenthetical documentation, construct a sentence in which you cite something from the  Lunsford essay we read for tonight.  Do a variation of the same sentence in which you alter the placement of the author's name.


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