Here is your midterm exam for LIT 400: Victorian Literature on the Internet.

As you'll no doubt remember, the midterm is supposed to test your comprehension of the theory of hypertext, which we have encountered mainly through George Landow's book.

I would like to accomplish that examination, however, by asking you to extend your understanding of the theory through reading and responding to another work on hypertext.

Therefore, your midterm essay topic is as follows:

Explain how the website hypertext called "The Electronic Labyrinth" by Christopher Keep, Tim McLaughlin, and robin extends, critiques, or exemplifies concepts that Landow discusses in any one chapter from "Hypertext."

Click here to go to "The Electronic Labyrinth."

In order to write a coherent essay, you will have to focus the topic in some way. Be aware that "The Electronic Labyrinth" is an extensive site with lots of links. You will have to be selective in your exploration and use of this hypertext in your essay.

Your argument should present a thesis and develop and support that thesis adequately. It will be evaluated for both its comprehension of the concepts and marshalling of its supporting evidence.

Your essay should be at least 750 words in length. It may be submitted as email, or you may word process/type the essay. Be sure to provide parenthetical citations for your references and a list of works cited. It is due on March 18, at the beginning of class, but you may send it (or turn it in) any time before that. Do keep a copy.

If you have any questions about the exam, do not hesitate to contact me.
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