English 121:  Effective Writing II

Statement of Situation and Strategy

    If you are going to construct an argument informed by secondary sources, you are required to write and submit a statement outlining the situation and your strategy for tackling it.  In it, you should
  1. state the problem, explain why it needs attention, and suggest how it should be solved;
  2. explain who your audience for the argument is; list the counter arguments to your position that you will have to refute;
  3. explain the type of argument you will write (CE 117-18) and why it is appropriate for the topic and audience; 
  4. finally, explain what fundamental assumptions about the topic ground your argument.
This statement is due on Monday, October 25, by the start of class.  It should be posted to the "Situation Statement" folder in your class section's part of the EBB.


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