English 121:  Effective Writing II 

Researching Cyberspaceand Society

Class Web Projects

Important Disclaimer:The links below take you to student projects created for a second-semesterfreshman writing course.  Students received a range of grades fortheir work on these projects (click here for gradingstandards used); they were also given feedback on shortcomings in contentand style. The projects are presented "as is" and should be consideredworks-in-progress.   Reader discretion is advised.

Section 10

Fightingfor the First Amendment
(Brenan Laverty, Brett Larson, Cira Raab,and Zeke Reichley)
Exposingthe Debate Over Computers in Education
(Jeanie Butler, Andrea Earley, StephanieFineman, Jessy Norman, Courtney Strohm)
Anonymityon the Internet
(Samantha Delany, Kristin Irwin, ReneeKodada, Tracey Lewis)
DistanceEducation and Technology
(Barb Cosenza, Tara Dauterive, Jamie Madara,Gina Mazzarella)
ComputerKnowledge, Business, and the Internet
(Will Boyer, Brian Hunter, Barbie Pike)

Section 11

FreeSpeech in Cyberspace
(Becky Brown,Jim Gahagan, Becky Snell, Robert Williams)
GroupB Homepage
(Kristin Gibbons,JennMarcin, Carol Ross)
TheUse of Computers in Education
(Rebecca Hoberman,OnizeOgboro, Kim Shook, Heather Thompson)
Pros and Consof Computers in Society
(Michelle Amodeo,TraciCohen, Greg Steele, Justin Subranni, Will Webb)
Group E
(Suni Blackwell,MattBrown, Sam O'Connor)

Section 14

Censorship on the Internet
(Jeff Diem, Basheer Johnson, Jim Mergen,DanPizzo, Brett Sturman)
Medicine:Technology and the Elderly
(Michelle Duca, Kyle Sims, LaToya Roberts,Lori Young)
LonesomeThreesome Discuss Internet Issues
(Chris O'Neill, Mandy Roberts,Rich Roselli)
DistanceEducation and Fraud on the Internet
(Mike Ciunci, Corey Ellis, Anthony DiGirolamo,AlFuchs)
GroupE Homepage
(Racquel LeDuc and Gillian Smietana)