Accessing Server through FTP


  1. (Using Internet Explorer V 5.5 or higher) In the address bar of Internet Explorer, enter the following:  ftp://locker.wcupa.edu/x (x = Your WCU Student ID number) 

  2. After entering the server name hit the enter key and this screen should appear:



  1. Enter your WCU network username and password using the following format: 


Username: wcupanet\js123456

Password:  This will be what ever you use to log onto the WCU network or email.




  1. Copying files from Local Folder to Server


Resize the window showing the files and folders on the server that you access through FTP to half the size of the screen

Similarly, resize the window that displays the files that you are planning to upload to the server to the size of the other half of the screen.

  1. Click and drag the files from the local computer window to the FTP window in order to upload files to the server.