Cultural Issues Discussed in the Web


Darwinism as A Cultural Issue

The Gothic

Gothic Elements in the Poetry of Coleridge and Keats


A Dickensian Nightmare Initiated by Industrialism: A Look at Freidrich Engels and his Influence Upon the 1848 Public Health Act

A Historical Perspective on William Blake's "Holy Thursday"
The Influence of Coal Mining on Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s The Cry of the Children

The Picturesque

Frozen Moments: The picturesque in Romantic literature and art

Slavery and the Slave Trade

The Life of Hannah More and “The Sorrows of Yamba”


“London’s Summer Morning”: An Urban Poem by Mary Robinson
The Goes the Neighborhood: The Deterioration of Lambeth in Blake's "The Garden of Love"

The Woman Question

John Stuart Mill and the "Woman Question"  (Jennifer Orcutt)
John Stuart Mill and the "Woman Question"  (Alana Gerhart)
To George Sand: A Recognition by Elizabeth Barrett Browning--Proud to be a Woman
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman