Class Schedule for Eng 500: Introduction to the Profession

(IS=Gibaldi, ed., Introduction to Scholarship, LRG=Harner, Literary Research Guide, MLA = MLA Style Manual)

NOTE: There may be occasional additions to and deletions from this reading schedule, so be sure to check the on-line version frequently.

Week 1 (9/1)

Introduction to the course

Library Orientation to graduate research in literary studies, especially electronic resources (Dick Swain, Humanities Reference Librarian).

This week, after reading the assignment for next week, begin your search for the items in the library scavenger hunt.

Week 2 (9/8)

Topic: library research, continued

Week 3 (9/15)

Overview: the "profession" and its history Library research exercise due tonight

  Week 4 (9/22)

Topic: academic journals, scholarly writing, and rhetoric Additional electronic resources on composition and rhetoric that you may want to consult during the semester and beyond: MLA Style Exercises and Report on scholarly journal, both due next week.

Week 5 (9/29)

Topic: canonicity An exercise on determining authorship. Please complete this exercise for next week's class.

Week 6 (10/6)

Topic: literary history and more on canons Short response paper on canons and culture wars due next week.

Week 7 (10/13)

Topic: textual studies NOTE: You may choose to read the Tanselle essay on the WWW or in the printed journal, housed in the basement of F.H. Green Library. McGann's "Radiant Textuality" was published in Victorian Studies Volume 39, but I believe "The Rationale of Hypertext" is available only on-line.

Exercise in manuscript study:  part of "The Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature" site at Oxford.  Please complete this tutorial over the next week and send me a copy of the exercise before next class (Week 8).

Week 8 (10/20)

Topic: literary theory and interpretation

Week 9 (10/27)

Topic: a general introduction to semiotics and cultural studies Short response paper on semiotics/interpretation due in two weeks.

Week 10 (11/3)

A. S. Byatt's Possession Conference paper directions:  choice of topic due on 11/12

Week 11 (11/10)


Week 12 (11/17)

Class cancelled for research and writing.

Week 13 (11/24)

Thanksgiving recess

Class "conference" on Possession

Annotated bibliography (password required for this link) of sources consulted for Possession paper due in class on 12/1.

Week 14 (12/1)

Possession, Identity, and Biography
Jennifer Allen, West Chester University:  "Who Possesses the Author:  Literary Biography and Byatt's Possession"
Richard Terpstra, West Chester University:  "Will the real Randolph Ash Please Stand Up?: An Examination of Identity in
  A.S. Byatt's Possession"

Byatt's Men and Feminism
Denine Dumschat, West Chester University:  "Gender Politics and the Construction of Ash in A. S. Byatt's Possession"
Andrew Thomas, West Chester University:  "Man in a Woman's Mirror:  Roland Michell and Female Empowerment"

Week 15 (12/8)

Byatt's Women, Feminism and Sexuality
Matt Carpenter, West Chester University:  "The Facade of Victorian Sexuality in A. S. Byatt's Possession"
Eleanor Brown, West Chester University:  "Through the Looking-Glass: The Semiotics of Feminism and Femininity in A.S. Byatt’s Possession"
Matt Sutin, West Chester University:  "Archetypal Roles Possessed"
Cynthia Choo, West Chester University:  Paper on Byatt's Possession and Lesbianism?

Research paper on the novel will be due on Wednesday, 12/15, at 4:15 p.m..


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