Conventions of Reading

Explanation of E-mail List

The e-mail list is meant to give you an extra outlet for expressing your responses--ideas and feelings--to our readings and discussions. Have fun with it: be provocative! daring! stimulating!--but always observe the considerate forms of electronic address that have been termed "netiquette."

I have had the Academic Computing Center set up an e-mail archive for this class, which will function as a "listserv" for our out-of -class discussions. Basically, a listserv is an electronic conference, where give-and-take about a subject or text occurs diachronically (that is, not in "real time" but over the course of hours or days or weeks). In other words, we'll keep a running discussion going, over the course of the semester, about the various things we're reading. You need an e-mail account to participate.

To get an e-mail account, go to the ACC in Anderson basement and sign up. They'll give you information on working the e-mail system (Microsoft Exchange), and if you have problems there is almost always someone around (staffing the help desk) to lend assistance.

You will be required to post at least two substantial messages to the list each week to receive a "C." One will be your own comment on some aspect of a text we're reading, and the other will be a response to someone else's posting. These messages will be evaluated for effort--in other words, "Yeah, Jim, I agree with your idea!" won't do. After week #2, you are required to have your own posting to the list by Wednesday of each week, and you're required to respond to someone else's posting by Friday of each week. Late postings will not be credited for participation. This strict schedule is necessary for the e-mail discussion to keep pace with our class discussions. You are certainly free to add more postings beyond the minimum on any class topic at any time throughout the semester.

Here is the address where you send your messages:
And here is a link to the archive itself.

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