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About Me

I'm an associate professor of English here at WCU.  I've been at West Chester since 1992, having come directly from graduate school at UCLA.  My wife LuAnn McCracken Fletcher is also an English professor, at Cedar Crest College in Allentown.  Our son Andrew is six years old.  If you would like to know about my academic/intellectual history, you can click here for a curriculum vitae.  My main hobbies outside of reading are gardening in my backyard and occasionally practicing Chinese kung fu.  I earned a 2nd degree black belt in the early 80's but have woefully neglected my training since then, so I'm not really proficient anymore.  I speak a bit of Mandarin Chinese, enough to order the food I like in restaurants.  I also like to cook Asian foods myself, along with any intriguing recipe that comes my way.  For several years, another interest in my life has been the Boyertown Area Unity Coalition, a local human rights organization, which is working to counter the influence of hate groups in our area and promote, instead, tolerance and respect for all human beings.  I have been active in its "Project Lemonade" campaign, an effort to discourage the local KKK from demonstrating in town. As of August 2003, the project has raised over $11,000 for human rights groups such as the NAACP, the ADL, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, by asking people to pledge money for every minute the Klan stands on the corner in the center of Boyertown. While not a fundraiser--the idea being that the Klan members will stop showing up rather than help the organizations they detest--Project Lemonade has helped the BAUC support educational efforts in the local schools as well.  You can visit the BAUC Website I designed and still administer.


Research Interests 


Courses for Spring 2006:

Lit 342.01: Victorian Literature
Lit 400.06: Reading Cyberliterature and Culture, from Print to the WWW
Eng 534: Victorian Poetry
I will be using Blackboard courseware (click here to login) for all these classes.


Previously offered courses featuring online materials:

Fall 2006
WRT 120: Effective Writing I
Section 05
Section 80

LIT 340: The Romantic Movement

Spring 2005

Lit 168, sections 01 and 80: Conventions of Reading
Lit 341.01:  The Nineteenth-Century British Novel

Fall 2004

Lit 165.07: Topics in Literature
Lit 342.80: Victorian Literature
Lit 400.81: Literature Seminar--Reading Cyberliterature, from Print to the WWW

Fall 2003

Lit 165.05: Topics in Literature
Lit 341.01: The Nineteenth-Century British Novel
Lit 400.05: Reading Cyberliterature, from Print to the WWW

Spring 2003
Lit 165: Introduction to Literature
Lit 231: English Literature II
Lit 342: Victorian Literature
Fall 2002
Wrt 120: Effective Writing I, sections 3 and 31
Lit 400.03: Victorian Women Writers
Eng 500: Introduction to the Profession

Spring 2002
Lit 168: Conventions of Reading, sections 1 and 80
Lit 231: English Literature II
Lit 341: The Nineteenth-Century British Novel

Fall 2001

Lit 165: Introduction to Literature, sections 1 and 2
Lit 400: Literature Seminar--Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Eng 615: Special Topics--Victorian Women Writers
Spring 2000 Fall 1999 Spring 1999 Spring 1998 Fall 1997  Spring 1997


Office Hours starting 1/17/06


To Contact Me:

Department of English,
West Chester University,
West Chester, PA 19383;
Office phone (610) 436-2745
Send me some email
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