Tips on doing well in this course:

1.      To do well on the exams, it is important that you attend class. The textbook contains a great deal of material, not all of which will be covered on the exams. If you have to miss class, get the notes.

2.      It is important to be organized and take good notes and to study those notes before an exam.

3.      To do well on the quizzes, it is important to study maps, either from your textbook or atlas.

4.      Study groups are very useful in this class. Studying with others before and exam can significantly help your understanding of the material. Project groups can double as study groups!

5.      Failure to complete an assignment will result in a grade of zero. Be sure to complete all assignments


This page will be updated regularly with class information related to schedule changes, exams dates, assignment due dates, etc. Please check this page regularly.


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